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Students typically improve five to seven points on the ACT with the help of IGP’s expert tutors. Dramatically increased scores have helped students gain admission to top schools including Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Georgetown, USC, Michigan and NYU.

IGP offers customized ACT programs designed to target the specific reading comprehension, English composition, mathematics, and science/data analysis skills tested on the ACT.

Learning how to navigate the tricks and traps of the test, students master the ACT and are able to move through each section efficiently and effectively. Students also refine their essay-writing skills using IGP’s proprietary writing guide.

I was also tutored by IGP for the ACT, on which my score rose six points. My tutors have always been incredibly caring and motivational and have helped me succeed academically despite my learning disabilities, including ADHD. 

I was very weak in reading and writing, but after working with Lisa, my scores for the SAT dramatically increased. I also never thought about doing the ACT until she guided me in that direction and I’m very grateful that she did because I enjoyed the test more than the SAT and I did even better than the SAT. 

My ACT score rose from a 27 to a 35! And I got a perfect 36 on English and Reading! 

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