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Danielle Joy

Danielle encourages positivity and understanding with her tutoring. Focusing on all content areas of the SAT, ACT and the ISEE, as well as writing coaching, she identifies sources of stress and individual needs and works with her students to develop techniques to approach these challenges. Danielle tutored individuals and small groups throughout high school and college, which helped her realize she was committed to always helping the people around her.

Danielle graduated from Lehigh University with a B.A. in International Relations with a focus on US-China Relations. Even though she graduated with a humanities degree, she still took classes in physics, chemistry, and mathematics because she wanted to broaden her scientific experience beyond what was taught in high school. Danielle loves sharing stories about her experiences travelling with friends to new places across the country and adventures with her spirited dog. When she’s not tutoring, she teaches self-defense to girls and women to help them feel safe and empowered. This dovetails with her love of helping others and complements her tutoring on a different level.

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