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Students typically improve 200 points or more on the SAT with the help of IGP’s expert tutors. Dramatically increased scores have helped students gain admission to top schools including Stanford, Yale, Northwestern, UCLA, USC, Wesleyan and Michigan.

With the guidance of IGP tutors and access to proprietary study materials, students learn how to navigate the tricky language and complex word problems of the SAT, boosting their scores in both verbal and math sections.

The redesigned SAT was released in March 2016. Cutting out obscure vocabulary and the wrong-answer penalty, the new SAT is very similar to the ACT and is more aligned with Common Core standards.


Preparing for the PSAT gives students a head-start on the SAT, allowing them extra time to study tricky concepts and practice test-taking strategies. For high-achieving students hoping to become National Merit Scholars, PSAT prep is highly recommended, as it greatly boosts their likelihood of receiving the scholarship and getting an extra edge on their college applications.


IGP will help you choose which Subject Tests (SAT IIs) are right for your student and advise on the best timing for taking Subject Tests. We currently offer tutoring for the following Subject Tests:

  • Literature
  • Math I & II
  • US History
  • World History
  • Japanese
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

I started at a 1910 and went up to a 2350 (440 points). I was very happy with my results and got into Yale! 

My SAT score started at 1780, and after working with IGP, my final SAT score was 2160. For those of you not interested in doing the math, IGP helped me bring up my score by 380 points. My verbal tutor also helped boost my 25 minute essay section score from a 4 to a 10. 

If you are looking for SAT, ACT, Subject Tests or ISEE tutoring, Inner Genius Prep​ offers personal tutoring with excellent results!  I can’t say enough great things about the attention and quality assistance that both my children received during the stressful process of studying for the SAT and applying to colleges.

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