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IGP is the only test-prep company that specializes in stress management and conquering test anxiety. Students who have been labeled “bad test-takers” discover their own Inner Genius as they learn how to be successful test-takers for the first time.

IGP’s stress-management strategies are designed to benefit parents as well as students, supporting families in approaching the college process with all the knowledge and tools to succeed.

IGP’s “Tackling Test Anxiety” workshop, created by Founder and Director Lisa Poliak and Writing Coach Maya Steinborn, can be presented at high schools, community groups, and parent meetings. The workshop was a great success at Pali High’s 2016 College Fair. Students and parents came away saying they felt calmer and empowered to face the testing and college-admissions process with new tools and confidence.

Whenever I felt overwhelmed with studying and/or high school, I knew I had a strong support system over at IGP to help me come through the storm with calm and vitality. 

Lisa has helped me work through my test anxiety and has always been a supportive influence who has been there for both my older and sister and me far beyond any other tutor I’ve ever worked with (and I’ve worked with a lot of tutors)!

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