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Optimize Your August for College Success

August is already here! Can you believe it?

Summer is flying by. Take the time now to check in on your child’s progress on their path to college. Getting ahead on college application prep now means less to do when school starts and things get crazy busy! Smart strategizing will ensure a school year with less stress and more success.

We know: the college admissions process is daunting. No worries, IGP has you covered.

Is your child a…


  • If they haven’t already decided between the ACT and SAT, the first step is to take a diagnostic test of each exam, compare scores and choose which test to focus on.
IGP will help determine which test is best for your child. IGP students take both a diagnostic ACT and SAT. IGP then provides detailed score reports for both tests, along with individualized testing recommendations for each student.
  • Students should begin studying for the ACT or SAT over summer break before school begins and things get busy.
IGP will create a detailed testing plan to help students prepare, which includes when to initially take the test and when to retake it. To reach their highest scoring potential, most students take the test twice junior year and once senior year.


  • Summer is the ideal time to start brainstorming and writing college essays. Students can begin working on the Common App now as the prompts for the 2019-2020 year have already been released. The revamped Common App website is live as of today.
IGP provides students with an array of techniques to break through writer’s block, unlock their creativity and organize their ideas. We take the stress out of the college essay-writing process and make it fun and empowering.
  • Students should refine their college lists so they know which supplements they need to write. They should also decide which, if any, schools they’ll be applying to Early Action or Early Decision so they can strategize about which applications need to be completed first.
IGP has proven strategies to help students craft winning supplements that showcase their unique voices and accomplishments. We also teach students how to avoid common traps when responding to different prompts.
  • Rising seniors should retake the ACT or SAT in fall of senior year if they haven’t yet reached their score goal. Statistically, most students score highest in fall of senior year. College admissions are so competitive that even if students already have a solid score, it’s worth it to do additional prep and retake the test to achieve their highest possible score.

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