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Why should I work with Inner Genius Prep?

We are a boutique tutoring company, not a big test-prep factory; we work with a limited number of students and customize everything we do to each student’s unique needs and goals. We offer unparalleled customer service and personal attention to both our students and their parents, making sure we do everything possible every step of the way to help our students succeed.

We are your partner in the test-prep and college application process, providing our expertise so your child is as well-prepared as possible to succeed in today’s highly competitive college admissions environment.

How much of a score increase can I expect?

Our students typically improve 200 points total on the SAT (on which a perfect score is 1600). Many students improve more than 200 points, but such a dramatic increase depends upon the effort the student puts in and the number of tutoring sessions.

Our students typically improve five to seven points on the ACT (on which a perfect score is 36), which is equivalent to a 200-point increase on the SAT.

How many sessions do you recommend?

While every student’s goals and needs are unique, we recommend a minimum of eight SAT verbal sessions and eight SAT math sessions, or eight ACT verbal sessions and eight ACT math and science sessions, to constitute a full SAT or ACT program.

A 16-session program provides enough time to thoroughly cover every section of the test and gives students sufficient practice to build their skills and gain a significant score increase.

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