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Lisa Poliak, MFA


Lisa Poliak, MFA, Founder and Director of Inner Genius Prep, has a talent for activating students’ potential. Lisa pioneered the concept of holistic tutoring, incorporating stress-management methods to help students reach their potential in high school and beyond. She helps her tutoring clients conquer anxiety and access their “Inner Genius.”

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Nick Cullen

Nick’s approach to tutoring is to adapt to each student’s unique talents and capabilities, to utilize not just their academic strengths but also their hobbies and passions to discover ways of overcoming obstacles. Nick has been tutoring and teaching for over 10 years, honing his skills and methods through working with hundreds of students on all sections of the SAT and ACT, as well as nearly every academic subject.

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Sophia Khan, MAR (Master of Arts in Religion), ThM (Master of Theology)

Sophia completed two master’s degrees in Comparative Religious Ethics and Human Rights at Yale and Harvard after earning a BA from Dartmouth College. As a storyteller and wordsmith, Sophia loves to help students discover the most vibrant way of expressing themselves and making their words pop. For over 15 years, she has enjoyed engaging with a diverse range of clients through her professional tutoring, writing and editing services.

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Danielle Joy

Danielle encourages positivity and understanding with her tutoring. Focusing on all content areas of the SAT, ACT and the ISEE, as well as writing coaching, she identifies sources of stress and individual needs and works with her students to develop techniques to approach these challenges. Danielle tutored individuals and small groups throughout high school and college, which helped her realize she was committed to always helping the people around her.

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Abraham Cohen

Abraham promotes learning and academic growth through discovery of a student’s own abilities. With a focus on language and structure, he helps students figure out the “why” of the verbal portions of the ACT and SAT, not just the “how.”

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Maya Steinborn, MA

Maya approaches tutoring holistically, identifying individual needs and areas of stress to help students become confident and independent writers. Her background in writing advising, English and Social Studies tutoring, and student affairs gives her a comprehensive perspective on college application writing and academic essays.

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