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Abraham Cohen

Abraham promotes learning and academic growth through discovery of a student’s own abilities. With a focus on language and structure, he helps students figure out the “why” of the verbal portions of the ACT and SAT, not just the “how.” Abraham not only has many years of tutoring experience, he is also a seasoned writing coach who has worked extensively with ESL and ELL students. With the discipline he developed working while in school, he helps students learn how to manage their time and studies.
After testing out of high school at 16, Abraham earned an associate degree in writing and two black belts in American Tang Soo Do while at Pierce College before transferring to UCLA. At UCLA, he earned his B.A. in Philosophy with honors, with dual focuses on logic and language. He became an Eagle Scout at 16 by leading dozens of youth in a nature restoration project in the Santa Monica Mountains. With a long history of leadership and mentoring, Abraham teaches the focus and resolve needed to perform to one’s highest potential in academic testing, and in life.
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