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Lisa Poliak, MFA, Founder and Director of Inner Genius Prep, has a talent for activating students’ potential. Lisa pioneered the concept of holistic tutoring, incorporating stress-management methods to help students reach their potential in high school and beyond. She helps her tutoring clients conquer anxiety and access their “Inner Genius.” Lisa works from the premise that each student is unique and requires an individualized approach to best achieve results in the form of greatly increased test scores, top-tier college essays and applications, and a less stressful, more successful high school experience. Her ability to relate to teenagers with respect and humor has led parents to say, “Lisa’s not just a tutor, she’s a friend” to their children.

Lisa has 15 years of experience in the fields of test prep and education and has written and edited test-prep books and materials for The Princeton Review and Scholastic Inc. With an MFA in Creative Writing and background as a professional writer and editor, Lisa is a uniquely qualified college-essay specialist, equipped with many techniques to help students unlock their creativity and write essays that represent their individual voices, stand out from the masses and pave their way into the colleges of their choice.

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