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Sophia Khan, MAR (Master of Arts in Religion), ThM (Master of Theology)

Sophia completed two master’s degrees in Comparative Religious Ethics and Human Rights at Yale and Harvard after earning a BA from Dartmouth College. As a storyteller and wordsmith, Sophia loves to help students discover the most vibrant way of expressing themselves and making their words pop. For over 15 years, she has enjoyed engaging with a diverse range of clients through her professional tutoring, writing and editing services. Sophia specializes in deep listening – through patient, directed dialogue, she gleans a sense of who students are and what drives them. Sophia guides students to find and use the unique, wonderful voice that only they possess and tailor it to showcase different aspects of their personality and pursuits in every essay.

Sophia is an avid traveler and multilinguist who has lived and studied in China, England, Pakistan, Italy and Scotland. Meeting and working with people across a wide array of cultures fuels her curiosity and sense of wonder. She also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen; as a grad student, she co-authored and published a cookbook, Students Go Gourmet, and appeared as a host on CBS, ABC and

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