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Updates To The ACT Will Be A Game Changer For Students

Updates to the ACT Will Be a Game Changer for Students

The ACT will introduce three new options to improve students’ test-taking experience and increase their opportunities for college admissions and scholarships starting in September 2020.

ACT Section Retesting

Historically, about half of ACT test takers repeat the test with the goal of attaining higher scores. For the first time, students will have the option to retake individual sections of the ACT instead of taking the entire exam.

Online Testing with Faster Score Results

Students will also have the option of online testing on national test days at ACT test centers. Those opting for online testing will get their results much faster — two days compared to two weeks for the traditional paper-based test.

New ACT Superscoring

For students who take the test more than once, the ACT will provide a superscore that calculates their highest possible ACT composite score — allowing colleges to consider the student’s best scores from all tests, rather than from one sitting. ACT research suggests superscoring is more predictive of how students will perform in their college courses than other scoring methods.

Inner Genius Prep Founder and Director Lisa Poliak, MFA, says students will benefit from these changes: “Having the option to retake individual test sections could help reduce test anxiety in students and will offer more choices for those with learning differences. The new superscores provided by the ACT itself will be a way to bypass the policy of many colleges that superscore the SAT but not the ACT. The new online testing with two-day score turnaround will also help to alleviate the stress of waiting weeks for test results. While these changes are clearly designed to help the ACT regain dominant market share from the SAT, they will make it easier for students to get a higher score on the ACT.”

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